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Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning


Students learn how to design, fabricate, install and maintain heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration systems. They also learn to use emerging technologies and advanced equipment in response to increasing global energy demands and how to apply environmentally safe principles and techniques to residential, commercial and industrial settings.

Career Majors

  • Residential HVAC Installer - 465 hrs.
  • Residential HVAC Technician - 1050 hrs.*

*Pell Eligible

Approximate Program Cost

  • In-District High School Students - TUITION-FREE
  • In-District Adult Students - $2.50 per credit hour + supplies
  • Out-of-District Adult Students - $5 per credit hour + supplies

Qualities We Recommend

  • Reading, math, writing - 8th-grade level
  • Decimals, fractions, and measurement
  • Crawling/stooping/bending/standing/lifting
  • Able to work in small, enclosed, dark places and several feet above ground with confined movement
  • Working above head with arms lifted
  • Working with chemicals
  • Working with sharp objects/tools/various machines
  • Able to work in extreme temperatures
  • Commercial or residential setting
  • Hard hat and safety glasses
  • Long pants and steel-toed boots


  • WorkKeys
  • EPA Certification (National)
  • NATE

Who Can Apply?

Adults and in-district high school sophomores, juniors and seniors can apply.


Classes are Monday through Friday from August to May with all day or half day enrollment options.

Accrediting Agency


Student Organization


Ask Us About

Ask us about using your training hours toward a College Degree and our Just-in-Time Training.