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Students learn how to operate and experience a full-service interactive salon and spa environment, use individual creativity to provide a wide range of artistic hair, nail and skincare services and work with professional cosmetologists using advanced techniques in preparation for state licensure.

Career Majors

  • Cosmetologist-Public (for HS) - 1000 hrs.*
  • Cosmetologist (for adults) - 1500 hrs.*
  • Nail Technician - 600 hrs.*

*Pell Eligible

Approximate Program Cost

  • In-District High School Students - TUITION-FREE
  • In-District Adult Students - $2.50 per credit hour + supplies
  • Out-of-District Adult Students - $5 per credit hour + supplies

Qualities We Recommend

  • Reading writing and math - 8th grade level
  • Communication & listening skills
  • Get along with others
  • Understand & follow directions
  • Standing for long periods of time
  • Measurement & proportions
  • Work with sharp objects and chemicals
  • Will be studying anatomy/ physiology and chemistry
  • Professional dress daily (no tank tops or shorts) pants/skirts must be below the knee and covered with a black smock
  • Closed-toed shoes. No high heels, no house shoes, no furry shoes, etc.
  • SSN required to register with Oklahoma State Board of Cosmetology



Who Can Apply?

Adults and in-district high school juniors and seniors can apply. Proof of Age is required.


Classes are Monday through Friday from August to May with all day or half day enrollment options

Student Organization


Ask Us About

Ask us about using your training hours toward a College Degree and our Just-in-Time Training.